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Creative & Unique Mobile
HTML Templates

For the humans by the human
Hand Crafted by Maxartkiller with

Its time to fall in love with Creative design, Flexibility & Uniqueness.

User experienced user interfaces with HTML and CSS also providing flexibility of style color customization. We have created specific website template demos and component library which be used across any demo.

UX Design




HTML Pages


Mobile Apps


Predefined Style

Flexibility & Competibility

Build with best Framework

Hand coded with Bootstrap 4, SCSS and JQuery

Bootstrap 4

User Experience

User Experience is key priority for us and we always think about domains as well as users from those business domain.

Unlimited Styles

We have predefined 16+ styles and create very own new style by changing and recompiling provided varibles file in SCSS.

Loving Framework

We and many of us love bootstrap framework so we have build Oneuiux with Bootstrap 4.4.1 version.

Many Icons

There are many posibility to use icons with any fonts icons. Here we have used elegant icons

Clean Code

We have practiced with clean code no more commented areas and only required comments. Also validated with W3C validator.


We have added documentation to undertand basic folder structure and steps to change styles with code snippets.

Interfaces those speaks

Attach with Emotions

Express your brand with OneUIUX

Our OneUIUX HTML template is creatively hand crafter with consideration of human behaviour with consistancy and color contrast. We have created full website demo with multiple each domain/business demo unlike anyother template in market.

Best match for all

Domain/Business Demos

Multiple Business websites

OneUIUX HTML template includes multiple business demo with suitable domain and brand imaginations. Template also give essense of business domain by layout structure, color contrast and images used.

Save Time & Money

Grow fast & think beyond

Value for money, ready to use template

Our OneUIUX HTML template is ready to use template. You can use is by changes brand, content and images with suitable brand colors scheme. Use predefined stylesheet or change with scss variable and compile it.

Default framework elements and useful third parties

We have used framework Bootstrap 4 and also included third parties for date range picker, multiselect and swiper and can be used anywhere template site wide.